Cafu Engine
C++ Source Code Documentation


Welcome to the Cafu Engine C++ Source Code Documentation.

This reference documentation describes the classes, functions, namespaces and other elements of the C++ source code in detail.

If you're new to Cafu, the documentation in this manual might look overwhelming at first:

Libraries and Applications

Cafu consists of a set of closely related C++ programming libraries that together form the C++ API that you can use to create your own applications.

In addition, Cafu also has a set of closely related applications, especially the Cafu Engine, the map compilation programs and the Cafu World Editor, that you are encouraged to customize and re-use for your own projects. These applications are part of the C++ API and documented in this manual as well.

Multiple Implementations for Sub-Systems

Some of the Cafu sub-systems come with multiple, alternative implementations:

  • For example, the Material System comes with an OpenGL 1.2 implementation that is used as a fall-back for old hardware, and several newer implementations that employ more modern features of OpenGL.
  • Another example is the Sound System, that comes with an implementation based on the FMOD library and another one that is based on OpenAL.

In such cases, in order to avoid confusion from bringing in multiple classes with identical names, only one of these sub-systems and its documentation is contained here, usually the one that is the most informative (and the best documented).