Cafu Engine
AnimPoseT Member List

This is the complete list of members for AnimPoseT, including all inherited members.

AnimPoseT(const CafuModelT &Model, IntrusivePtrT< AnimExpressionT > AnimExpr)AnimPoseT
Draw(int SkinNr, float LodDist) const AnimPoseT
FindClosestVertex(unsigned int MeshNr, unsigned int TriNr, const Vector3fT &P) const AnimPoseT
GetAnimExpr() const AnimPoseTinline
GetBB() const AnimPoseT
GetDrawMeshes() const AnimPoseT
GetGuiPlane(unsigned int GFNr, Vector3fT &Origin, Vector3fT &AxisX, Vector3fT &AxisY) const AnimPoseT
GetJointMatrices() const AnimPoseT
GetJointMatrix(const std::string &JointName) const AnimPoseT
GetMeshInfos() const AnimPoseT
SetAnimExpr(IntrusivePtrT< AnimExpressionT > AnimExpr)AnimPoseT
SetSuperPose(const AnimPoseT *SuperPose)AnimPoseT
TraceRay(int SkinNr, const Vector3fT &RayOrigin, const Vector3fT &RayDir, TraceResultT &Result) const AnimPoseT