Cafu Engine
CaLightWorldT Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CaLightWorldT (const char *FileName, ModelManagerT &ModelMan, cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT &GuiRes)
GetBspTree () const
double TraceRay (const Vector3dT &Start, const Vector3dT &Ray) const
void CreateLightMapsForEnts (const ArrayT< IntrusivePtrT< cf::GameSys::EntityT > > &AllEnts)
 Creates (fake) lightmaps for (brush or bezier patch based) entities. More...
void SaveToDisk (const char *FileName) const

Member Function Documentation

void CaLightWorldT::CreateLightMapsForEnts ( const ArrayT< IntrusivePtrT< cf::GameSys::EntityT > > &  AllEnts)

Creates (fake) lightmaps for (brush or bezier patch based) entities.

The generated lightmaps are only "fakes", i.e. they are not a result of the true Radiosity computations of CaLight. Instead, they are obtained by sampling the environment (the world entity) and interpolating the obtained values. This of course is only possible after the world has been lit by the true Radiosity process. While the disadvantages are clear (objects that have not participated in the original Radiosity computations can obviously not blend into the environment visually as smoothly as if they had been there right from the start), the advantages are a reasonably quick completion of the computations and independency of the internal data of the original Radiosity computations. For example, this function can be implemented without reference to the "bins" of the tone-mapping operator of the world, which in turn makes the implementation of the "-onlyEnts" command-line option primally possible.

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