Cafu Engine
CaPVSWorldT Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CaPVSWorldT (const char *FileName, ModelManagerT &ModelMan, cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT &GuiRes, unsigned long SLC_MaxRecursionDepth_, double SLC_MinSubTreeFacesArea_)
void CreateSuperLeaves (ArrayT< SuperLeafT > &SuperLeaves) const
unsigned long WhatLeaf (const VectorT &Position) const
double ClipLine (const VectorT &P, const VectorT &U) const
void StorePVS (const ArrayT< SuperLeafT > &SuperLeaves, const ArrayT< unsigned long > &SuperLeavesPVS)
unsigned long GetChecksumAndPrintStats () const
void SaveToDisk (const char *FileName) const

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