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CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT:

Public Member Functions

 CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT (MapDocumentT &MapDoc_, MapBezierPatchT *BezierPatch_, const SurfaceInfoT &SurfaceInfoNew_, EditorMaterialI *MaterialNew_)
bool Do ()
 This method executes the command. More...
void Undo ()
 This method un-does the command. More...
wxString GetName () const
 Returns the name (a description) of the command. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommandUpdateSurfaceT
 CommandUpdateSurfaceT (MapDocumentT &MapDoc_, const SurfaceInfoT &SurfaceInfoNew_, const SurfaceInfoT &SurfaceInfoOld_, EditorMaterialI *MaterialNew_, EditorMaterialI *MaterialOld_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommandT
 CommandT (bool ShowInHistory=true, bool SuggestsSave=true)
 The constructor. More...
virtual ~CommandT ()
 The virtual destructor. More...
bool ShowInHistory () const
 Whether the command should be shown in the undo/redo history. More...
bool SuggestsSave () const
 Whether the command suggests to save the document when its closed and hasn't been saved between the command execution and the closing (selection changes for example don't suggest to save the document since no important changes have been made). More...
bool IsDone () const
 Whether the command has been executed. More...
unsigned long GetID () const
 Returns the commands unique ID. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CommandUpdateSurfaceT
const SurfaceInfoT SurfaceInfoNew
 The surface info that is applied to the surface. More...
const SurfaceInfoT SurfaceInfoOld
 The surfaces former surface info for undo. More...
 The material that is applied to the surface. More...
 The surface's former material for undo. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from CommandT
bool m_Done
 Whether the command has been executed. More...
const bool m_ShowInHistory
 Whether the command should have an entry in the undo/redo history. More...
const bool m_SuggestsSave
 Whether the command suggests saving of the document on close. More...
const unsigned long m_ID
 The commands unique ID. More...

Member Function Documentation

bool CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT::Do ( )

This method executes the command.

true if the command succeeded, false if it failed.

Implements CommandT.

wxString CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT::GetName ( ) const

Returns the name (a description) of the command.

Implements CommandT.

void CommandUpdateSurfaceBezierPatchT::Undo ( )

This method un-does the command.

Implements CommandT.

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