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GroupsListViewT Class Reference

This class implements the list view of the map editor groups. More...

Inheritance diagram for GroupsListViewT:

Public Member Functions

 GroupsListViewT (GroupsToolbarT *Parent, ChildFrameT *ChildFrame, wxWindowID ID)
bool DeleteAllItems ()
long InsertItem (long index, const wxString &label, int imageIndex)
void SetClientData (unsigned long item, GroupT *CD)
ArrayT< GroupT * > GetSelectedGroups () const

Detailed Description

This class implements the list view of the map editor groups.

It derives from wxListView (rather than using a wxListView instance in the user code directly), so that we can (more easily) deal with mouse events (which are reported in window space) and size events. (wxDataViewListCtrl might have been a better choice than wxListView, but can only be done post-wx2.8.x.)

It also extends the wxListView base class by "client data" for each item, special-cased to our needs as pointers to GroupT. Nearly all GroupsToolbarT code could have been implemented without keeping this explicit client data (the item numbers into m_MapDoc.GetGroups() would have been sufficient), except for one place in GroupsToolbarT::NotifySubjectChanged_Groups(), where the m_MapDoc.GetGroups() have already been changed but we must still learn which groups were selected before the change.

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