Cafu Engine
GuiEditor::ToolI Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for GuiEditor::ToolI:

Public Member Functions

virtual ToolID GetID () const =0
virtual void Activate ()
virtual void Deactivate ()
virtual void RenderTool (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow)
virtual bool OnKeyDown (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxKeyEvent &KE)
virtual bool OnKeyUp (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxKeyEvent &KE)
virtual bool OnChar (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxKeyEvent &KE)
virtual bool OnLMouseDown (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnLMouseUp (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnRMouseDown (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnRMouseUp (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnMouseWheel (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnMouseMove (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxMouseEvent &ME)
virtual bool OnContextMenu (RenderWindowT *RenderWindow, wxContextMenuEvent &CE)

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