Cafu Engine
HL2mdl::Matrix3x4fT Class Reference

Used in StudioBoneT. More...

#include "Loader_mdl_hl2_mdl.hpp"

Public Member Functions

Vector3fT Mul1 (const Vector3fT &v) const
 Computes M*v, where M is this matrix. More...

Detailed Description

Used in StudioBoneT.

Member Function Documentation

Vector3fT HL2mdl::Matrix3x4fT::Mul1 ( const Vector3fT v) const

Computes M*v, where M is this matrix.

The w-component of v is assumed to be 1 (v being a point, not a direction vector). The fourth, missing row of M is assumed to be (0 0 0 1). That means that both the rotation (and scale) and the translation of M is applied to v.

vA point.
M*v. The w-component of the returned vector is implied to be 1.

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