Cafu Engine
RectBitmapAllocatorT Class Reference

This class "allocates" rectangular areas in larger bitmaps. More...

Public Member Functions

 RectBitmapAllocatorT (uint32_t BitmapInitColor, unsigned long BitmapSizeS=256, unsigned long BitmapSizeT=256)
bool Allocate (unsigned long SizeS, unsigned long SizeT, unsigned long &BitmapNr, unsigned long &PosS, unsigned long &PosT)
 RectBitmapAllocatorT (uint32_t BitmapInitColor, unsigned int BitmapSizeS=256, unsigned int BitmapSizeT=256)
bool Allocate (unsigned int SizeS, unsigned int SizeT, unsigned long &BitmapNr, unsigned int &PosS, unsigned int &PosT)

Public Attributes

const unsigned long BITMAP_SIZE_S
const unsigned long BITMAP_SIZE_T
const uint32_t BITMAP_INIT_COLOR
ArrayT< BitmapT * > Bitmaps
const unsigned int BITMAP_SIZE_S
const unsigned int BITMAP_SIZE_T

Detailed Description

This class "allocates" rectangular areas in larger bitmaps.

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