Cafu Engine
WorldT Class Reference


struct  LoadErrorT
struct  SaveErrorT

Public Types

typedef void(* ProgressFunctionT )(float ProgressPercent, const char *ProgressText)

Public Member Functions

 WorldT ()
 Constructor for creating an empty world. More...
 WorldT (const char *FileName, ModelManagerT &ModelMan, cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT &GuiRes, ProgressFunctionT ProgressFunction=NULL)
 Constructor for creating a world from a .cw file. More...
 ~WorldT ()
 Destructor. More...
void SaveToDisk (const char *FileName) const
 Saves the world to disk. More...

Public Attributes

ArrayT< StaticEntityDataT * > m_StaticEntityData
cf::SceneGraph::LightMapManT LightMapMan
cf::SceneGraph::SHLMapManT SHLMapMan
PlantDescrManT PlantDescrMan

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WorldT::WorldT ( )

Constructor for creating an empty world.

WorldT::WorldT ( const char *  FileName,
ModelManagerT ModelMan,
cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT GuiRes,
ProgressFunctionT  ProgressFunction = NULL 

Constructor for creating a world from a .cw file.

WorldT::~WorldT ( )


Member Function Documentation

void WorldT::SaveToDisk ( const char *  FileName) const

Saves the world to disk.

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