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cf::FileSys::FileSystemExceptionT Class Reference

A class for exceptions of the FileSystemT class. More...

#include "FileSys.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for cf::FileSys::FileSystemExceptionT:

Public Types

enum  ReasonT { Generic, InitFailure }

Public Member Functions

 FileSystemExceptionT (ReasonT R=Generic)
 The constructor. More...

Public Attributes

ReasonT Reason
 The reason for the exception. More...

Detailed Description

A class for exceptions of the FileSystemT class.

This is mostly used when new FileSystemT objects are to be created, but the creation is not possible, for example when a zip archive file cannot be opened, a local path doesn't exist, etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cf::FileSys::FileSystemExceptionT::FileSystemExceptionT ( ReasonT  R = Generic)

The constructor.

Member Data Documentation

ReasonT cf::FileSys::FileSystemExceptionT::Reason

The reason for the exception.

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