Cafu Engine
HL2mdl::StudioAnimT Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

const StudioAnim_ValuePointerTGetPosValues () const
const StudioAnim_ValuePointerTGetRotValues () const
uint8_t * pData () const
StudioAnim_ValuePointerTpRotV () const
StudioAnim_ValuePointerTpPosV () const
const Quaternion64GetQuat64 () const
const StudioAnimTGetNext () const
std::ostream & print (std::ostream &os, const char *indent) const

Public Attributes

uint8_t Bone
 255 means "no animation data". More...
uint8_t Flags
uint16_t NextOffset
 see GetNext() More...

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t HL2mdl::StudioAnimT::Bone

255 means "no animation data".

uint16_t HL2mdl::StudioAnimT::NextOffset

see GetNext()

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