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HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT Struct Reference

The vtfImageFormatInfoT struct provides information about VTF image formats. More...

#include "Loader_mdl_hl2_vtf.hpp"

Public Types

typedef void(* TransformProc )(uint16_t &R, uint16_t &G, uint16_t &B, uint16_t &A)

Public Attributes

const char * Name
 Enumeration text equivalent. More...
uint32_t BitsPerPixel
 Bits per pixel. More...
uint32_t BytesPerPixel
 Bytes per pixel. More...
uint32_t RedBitsPerPixel
 Red bits per pixel. More...
uint32_t GreenBitsPerPixel
 Green bits per pixel. More...
uint32_t BlueBitsPerPixel
 Blue bits per pixel. More...
uint32_t AlphaBitsPerPixel
 Alpha bits per pixel. More...
int32_t IndexRed
 Red index. More...
int32_t IndexGreen
 Green index. More...
int32_t IndexBlue
 Blue index. More...
int32_t IndexAlpha
 Alpha index. More...
bool IsCompressed
 Is compressed (DXT). More...
bool IsSupported
 Format is supported by the implementation. More...
TransformProc pToTransform
 Custom transform to function. More...
TransformProc pFromTransform
 Custom transform from function. More...
vtfImageFormatT Format

Detailed Description

The vtfImageFormatInfoT struct provides information about VTF image formats.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::AlphaBitsPerPixel

Alpha bits per pixel.

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::BitsPerPixel

Bits per pixel.

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::BlueBitsPerPixel

Blue bits per pixel.

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::BytesPerPixel

Bytes per pixel.

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::GreenBitsPerPixel

Green bits per pixel.

int32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IndexAlpha

Alpha index.

int32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IndexBlue

Blue index.

int32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IndexGreen

Green index.

int32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IndexRed

Red index.

bool HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IsCompressed

Is compressed (DXT).

bool HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::IsSupported

Format is supported by the implementation.

const char* HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::Name

Enumeration text equivalent.

TransformProc HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::pFromTransform

Custom transform from function.

TransformProc HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::pToTransform

Custom transform to function.

uint32_t HL2mdl::vtfImageFormatInfoT::RedBitsPerPixel

Red bits per pixel.

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