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ComponentBorderT Class Reference

This components adds a border to its window. More...

Inheritance diagram for ComponentBorderT:

Public Attributes

number Width
 The width of the border. More...
tuple Color
 The border color. More...
number Alpha
 The alpha component of the color. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ComponentBaseT
any get (string var_name)
 Returns the value of an attribute (a member variable) of this class. More...
 set (string var_name, any new_value)
 Sets an attribute (a member variable) of this class to a new value. More...
string GetExtraMessage (string var_name)
 Returns the result of VarBaseT::GetExtraMessage() for the given member variable. More...
 interpolate (string var_name, number start_value, number end_value, number time)
 Schedules a value for interpolation between a start and end value over a given period of time. More...

Detailed Description

This components adds a border to its window.

Note that the variables of this class (also referred to as "Public Attributes" or "Member Data") must be used with the get() and set() methods at this time – see get() and set() for details.

If you would like to create a new component of this type explicitly (those defined in the CaWE GUI Editor are instantiated automatically), use GuiT::new():

local comp = gui:new("ComponentBorderT")
Implementing C++ Class:

Member Data Documentation

number Alpha

The alpha component of the color.

Related C++ type:
tuple Color

The border color.

Related C++ type:
number Width

The width of the border.

Related C++ type: