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cf::FileSys::FileSystemLocalPathT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FileSystemLocalPathT (const std::string &LocalPath_, const std::string &MountPoint_)
 Constructor. More...
InFileIOpenRead (const std::string &FileName)
 Destructor. Destroys the file system. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cf::FileSys::FileSystemT
virtual ~FileSystemT ()
 The virtual destructor, so that derived classes can safely be deleted via a FileSystemT (base class) pointer. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FileSystemLocalPathT::FileSystemLocalPathT ( const std::string &  LocalPath_,
const std::string &  MountPoint_ 


FileSystemExceptionTwhen there is a problem with initializing this file system.

Member Function Documentation

InFileI * FileSystemLocalPathT::OpenRead ( const std::string &  FileName)

Destructor. Destroys the file system.

Implements cf::FileSys::FileSystemT.

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