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CaClientWorldT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CaClientWorldT (const char *FileName, ModelManagerT &ModelMan, cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT &GuiRes, WorldT::ProgressFunctionT ProgressFunction, unsigned long OurEntityID_)
unsigned long GetOurEntityID () const
bool ReadEntityBaseLineMessage (NetDataT &InData)
unsigned long ReadServerFrameMessage (NetDataT &InData)
void OurEntity_Predict (const PlayerCommandT &PlayerCommand, unsigned int PlayerCommandNr)
IntrusivePtrT< const
OurEntity_GetCamera () const
 Returns the camera details of "our" entity that the client should use to render the world. More...
void ComputeBFSPath (const VectorT &Start, const VectorT &End)
void Draw (float FrameTime) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ca3DEWorldT
 Ca3DEWorldT (const char *FileName, ModelManagerT &ModelMan, cf::GuiSys::GuiResourcesT &GuiRes, bool InitForGraphics, WorldT::ProgressFunctionT ProgressFunction)
const WorldTGetWorld () const
Vector3fT GetAmbientLightColorFromBB (const BoundingBox3T< double > &Dimensions, const VectorT &Origin) const
 Returns a "good" ambient light color for an arbitrary object (i.e. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ca3DEWorldT
void CreateNewEntityFromBasicInfo (IntrusivePtrT< cf::GameSys::EntityT > Ent, unsigned long CreationFrameNr)
 Creates a new entity that is added to the m_EngineEntities array. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ca3DEWorldT
const WorldTm_World
PhysicsWorldT m_PhysicsWorld
< cf::GameSys::WorldT
 The "script world" contains the entity hierarchy and their components. More...
ArrayT< EngineEntityT * > m_EngineEntities

Member Function Documentation

IntrusivePtrT< const cf::GameSys::ComponentTransformT > CaClientWorldT::OurEntity_GetCamera ( ) const

Returns the camera details of "our" entity that the client should use to render the world.

This is typically called for the local human player from whose perspective the world is rendered.

NULL if "our" entity was not available (or no camera details could be retrieved), the Transform component of the camera entity on success.

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